In a world bursting with color and creativity, lived the Pogo, a group of lovable pigs with a passion for art. They roamed the world, spreading their love of all things creative, from painting and sculpting to fashion design.

As they traveled, the Pogo faced new challenges and obstacles, but they met each one with boundless imagination and endless enthusiasm. They inspired others to unleash their own creativity and discover the magic that art could bring to their lives.

The Pogo invites you to join them on their journey of exploration and expression, to let your own creativity soar and to see the world in a new and beautiful light. With the Pogo by your side, anything is possible, and every moment is an opportunity to make something truly magical. So, let’s discover the wonder of art together and create a world that’s as unique and beautiful as we are.

Unique designs

Each attribute has been created from scratch with attention to detail on every design to ensure each Pogo have their personality and distinct features.


The motivation of this project is and always will be to create a strong community. We plan to reward our Pogo family in every way possible: creating value and utility.


A web3 crypto home of immersive experiences, from gaming to social hangouts, to concerts, fashion shows, education, and entertainment, connecting each other with our resources.


Luxury figurines, hats, tees, socks, hoodies etc will be designed by The Pogo Team and will be offered for purchase.


We strive to maximize the benefits of the holders.
Starting with PFP, various services and benefits will be added.


Win massive $CRO token and Pogo limited edition hoodie while minting our NFTs.

We won't stop the joy

Owner of POGO NFT means you're acquisition a POGO membership card and POGO discord holder badges that available to access the Pogo exclusive club.
NFT raffles, Stealth event and more activities will be host to our valuable community.

Maximizes the PFP

The Pogo won't be limited to just being a PFP, Staking dapps with $CRO rewards for the Pogo holder will be share to the community. 20% of mint and 50% royalties will be our Pogo liquidity pool fund.

Creative 1:1 Pogo custom design

A fully customize 1/1 Special Pogo NFT with your idea to you in terms of swapping the genesis Pogo collection. T&C

P2E Games

Pogo holder and partnership project may access to our Play 2 Earn games, win NFTs & $CRO prizes weekly while enjoying our games.

Opening Online Store

Various merchs oriented from community activities, such as idea proposals, fan arts, will be produced and sold via online store. Figurines, Hats, Tees, Socks, Hoodies, etc will be designed by The Pogo Team.

The Pogoland for holder

Decorate your crypto home with plentiful resources. Reside, BUIDL, and share the prosperous POGOLAND output together.


This is not the end, it's only a beginning. Pogo community will be our first priority to benefit them with future collaboration, partnership or even future collection.



Founder & Marketing


Lead Developer


Creative Director


3D Artist

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